Thursday, June 20, 2024

Project 2025: The US Far-Right Plan to Undermine Democracy and Rights Globally

The Heritage Project 2025 plan is a program for the next president to roll back rights in US and abroad – including draft policies

Links 6/20/2024

Are Extreme Stunt Climate Activists Like Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil Actually Fossil Fuel Industry Stooges? They Might as Well Be

Why deliberately offensive and therefore counterproductive climate change activism looks like a feature, not a bug.

Musk and Tesla: Compensation or Control?

The Elon Musk $48 Billion stock-option package and its implications for the EV transition

Courage or Hope? Facing the Climate Future

Yet another round of (nicely) trying to shake some sense into climate change remedy optimists.

Trump 2024 (Vegas) vs. Trump 2016 (Bangor): Rhetoric and Cognition

Trump’s mental acuity, voter appeal, and policies.

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/19/2024

~ Today’s Water Cooler: Politics, pandemics; Democrat plotting; RFK doens’t make the cut for the debates; how a serious country (Finland) handled bird flu; The physics of knitting. ~

Power in Sovereign Debt Markets: Explaining the Uneven Debtor–Creditor Landscape and Its Implications

A long time ago, the US intervened on the side of underwater sovereign borrowers. Private creditors now extract even more than back then.

Inside Big Oil’s Business as Usual: Failure on Climate and Profits from War

A new report shows oil majors fall short of meeting Paris Agreement targets while fueling global military conflicts.

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Bird Flu and Biomedicine, An Essay on What We Might Expect

Bird flu as a case study in the category error of libertarian medicine, the misuse of preprints, and resulting poor public health policy.

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/18/2024

~ Today’s Water Cooler: Politics, syndemics; the Trump v. Biden debate; the Black vote, and who will get it; epigenetics: heritable memories? ~

The United States Is the Main Obstacle to Peace in Palestine

A good, high level review of how Israel’s long-standing and now accelerating ethnic cleansing in Palestine depends on US backing.

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Quelle Surprise: NYT Piece on Nigeria’s “Worst Economic Crisis in Decades” Completely Ignores Its Disastrous CBDC Experiment

The world’s largest live CBDC program (to date) has so far been a destructive flop. And that is probably the last thing the editors of the New York Times want its readers to know.