Sunday, March 3, 2024

Links 3/3/2024

Democratic Rights Are No Excuse for Airing Russian Perspectives in Europe

Why are European elites “on the side of Ukraine’s freedom” so eager to curb freedoms at home? The silencing of opposing viewpoints accelerates in Italy as support for Project Ukraine declines.

Amid Pushback, the USGS Decides to Restore Its Pesticide Database

Scientists say the resource is crucial for understanding what agricultural chemicals are doing to human health and the environment.

Links 3/2/2024

The Reality of Bidenomics: How Good Was Biden for the Economy?

A thorough takedown of the aggressively-sold falsehood that economic performance under Biden is good but the poors are too stupid to get it.

The Polish-West Ukrainian Conflict Over East Galicia in 1918−1919

How a conflict between Poland and West Ukraine after the end of World War I has ramifications today.

2:00PM Water Cooler 3/1/2024

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Despite Inspector General Demand, EPA Refuses to Re-Do Review of Seresto Flea and Tick Collar Implicated in Thousands of Pet Deaths

The FDA is refusing to redo a review that gave a free pass to Seresto tick collars, implicated in thousands of pet deaths

Links 3/1/2024

Amid Rising Tensions With US and Canada, Mexico’s AMLO Threatens to Boycott Upcoming North American Leaders’ Summit

“We are asking for respect.”

Scorching the Earth Westward — What Comes Next as the Ukraine Army Collapses*

Some expert Russian input on what might be coming next for Ukraine.

Assange: Our Enemy of the State

When murder is done in our name, those like Assange who expose it are enemies of the state

2:00PM Water Cooler 2/29/2024

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Mounting Research Shows That COVID-19 Leaves Its Mark on the Brain, Including Significant Drops in IQ Score

Even mild COVID-19 can lead to the equivalent of seven years of brain aging.

Links 2/29/2024