Friday, December 1, 2023

Solving the Climate Crisis Means Ending Our Addiction to Economic Growth

COP28 may toy with wide-ranging reforms needed to arrest a climate disaster. But arguablly necessary governance structures seem unattainable.

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The Drums of War Are Growing Louder in South America

As tensions rise in the Essequibo territorial dispute, Brazil sends reinforcements to its northern border, Venezuela holds a referendum on whether to annex the region and Guyana mulls hosting US military bases.

US Postures Over Turkiye Alleged Failure to Curb Hamas Funders

A US attempt to muscle Turkiye reveals waning US influence.

The Dutch Earthquake

Why did so many Dutch citizens vote for the far-right Geert Wilders?

2:00PM Water Cooler 11/30/2023

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Wall Street Journal: “Why No One Wants to Pay for the Green Transition”

The green energy transition, which truth be told has not gotten very far, is already hitting a wall.

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The Thousand Boat Blockade-Busting Operation Changes Everything on the Gaza Front – if It Materialises

The Turkiye-sponsored thousand-boat flotilla, scheduled to set sail for Gaza this past Wednesday, looks to be a non-starter. What happened?

Feds Need to Enlist Consumers to Police Eyepoppingly High Level of Medicare Advantage Ad/Marketing Fraud

Yet another reason to be leery of Medicare Advantage…..widespread deceptive marketing.

The Destructively High Energy Cost of AI

More data on the energy cost of AI, which is projected soon to exceed that of several small countries.

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Big Meat Unveils Battle Plans for COP28

The meat industry is coming under enough climate change pressure so as to have started messaging and astroturf campaigns.

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Gaza Conflict: End Game Not in Sight

While there is still tremendous uncertainty about where the conflict in Gaza is going, more Palestinian suffering near-term is baked in.