Sunday, July 21, 2024

Where’s the Death Data on Heat, Wildfire Smoke, and Other Climate Extremes?

Knowing the true human toll resulting from soaring temperatures might help jolt the nation into action on climate change sooner and lessen the mitigation and resilience we will need.

A California Medical Group Treats Only Homeless Patients — And Makes Money Doing It

An initiative in the Southwestern US demonstrates that health care for the homeless can be financially viable.

Links 7/20/2024

China Has Just Gained First-Mover Advantage In Nuclear Fusion

China has apparently made a big nuclear fusion breakthrough. If true, how long would it take to commercialize it?

2:00PM Water Cooler 7/19/2024

~ Politics, syndemics; Democrat Inner Party considered as a wretched hive of scum and villainy; new RCP polling averages ~

Expert: Why Covid and Future Pandemics Are a Bigger Threat than Nukes

Persistent political and public health failures expose us to pandemics, while vastly underestimating their long-term health effects.

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What Happens With the War in Ukraine if Trump Wins?

Why a Trump win in November may make less difference to the future of the war in Ukraine than many assume.

Looking Ahead, But Not Forward, to Five More Years of “Queen” Ursula von der Leyen

After five years of overseeing creeping digital censorship, corruption, economic decline, war and institutional support for genocide, Von der Leyen has been given five more years to do more of the same, or worse. In late October, I posited that the walls may finally be closing in on EU President Ursula von der Leyen. The […]

Will Burying Biomass Underground Curb Climate Change?

Some climate experts say biomass start-ups will limit global warming, but major questions remain.

2:00PM Water Cooler 7/18/2024

~ Today’s Water Cooler: Politics, syndemics; A former Navy SEAL takes a view on Trump’s assempted assassination; the Republican National Convention and J.D. Vance; unelecting Biden: irresistible (albeit private) force, immovable (albeit ill) object; Marimekko patterns online. ~

How Big Pharma Preys on Poor Countries – and Patients Pay the Price

New investigation reveals unequal access to life-saving meds across Europe thanks to Big Pharma system that favors the rich

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Biden 2024 Run Back in Play as Democratic Pushback Escalates, Covid Case Offers Face-Saving Out

The Biden political survival watch has resumed.

Wealthy Enclaves Belatedly Rebelling Against Supersized Houses

Many of the wealthy have taken to recoiling against hypertrophied houses, although they don’t ‘splain why very well.